Frank Lloyd Wright: Architecture of the Interior

Frank Lloyd Wright - Architecture of the Interior

Any building should be complete, including all within itself. Instead of many things, one thing… It is the first principle of any growth that the thing grown be no mere aggregation… And integration means that no part of anything is of any great value except as it be an integrated part of the harmonious whole.- Frank Lloyd Wright, An Autobiography, 1932

This exhibition explores the design of Frank Lloyd Wright's houses, often considered his greatest architectural accomplishment. Through reproduction drawings, photographs, and photographic murals, the exhibition illustrates the myriad-both obvious and subtle- ways Wright created the visual character of interior space and objects within it, each an essential detail of the larger whole.

Drawings and photographs of interiors show the ingenious ways Wright maximized the feeling of open space while accommodating the various functions for daily living. Wright's rejection of past styles led him to the contemporary visual language of abstraction and geometry. For Wright, this language had a deeper source as the structure and ornament of all forms in nature. The works in Architecture of the Interior reveal how all elements in Wright's design express the overarching abstract geometric order of the house.

To add a local flavor, furniture by Baton Rouge craftsman Ford Thomas is added to the traveling exhibit. Ford Thomas has been designing and building furniture since 1979. His work has been exhibited nationally and published in national and international periodicals. Stained glass by Paul Dufour and Sam Corso of Dufour-Corso Studios will also be on display in the West Baton Rouge Museum breezeway. Dufour and Corso both have international reputations as multi-disciplinary artists. Their work is included in many private and public collections throughout the world. Paul Dufour, deceased, founded the stained glass program at LSU, where he taught for over 30 years.

Frank Lloyd Wright: Architecture of the Interior is organized by International Arts and Artists, Washington, DC, in cooperation with The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Scottsdale, AZ. For more information call 225-336-2422, ext. 15. The West Baton Rouge Museum is located at 845 N Jefferson Avenue in Port Allen.