West Baton Rouge Parish Historical Markers

Ever wondered about those large markers that you see along U.S. and State highways throughout Louisiana? They are part of the historic marker program administered by the State of Louisiana – Division of Historic Preservation. These markers help document our state’s heritage for each specific site. 

The Historic Marker program began in 1951. The markers are erected by the State Department of Transportation and Development and sponsored by local groups.

Description of Marker

The markers are made of aluminum alloy, have a brown background with ivory letters and are topped off with an arched crest with an outline of the State of Louisiana’s symbol, the brown pelican.


Sites that qualify for a marker must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Be a historical trail or route
  • Be of lasting significance to the state’s history
  • Be of significant historical importance to the state
  • Be a significant architectural landmark

Request a Historical Marker

If you would like to request a new historic marker to be put in place in West Baton Rouge Parish or if you have questions about an existing historic marker in West Baton Rouge Parish you can email Jimmy Rills.

Contact Us

West Baton Rouge has a number of these markers around our parish. As you travel and read, you will learn the story of the local area. For more information on how to obtain a marker, contact the State Office of Historic Preservation 225-342-8160 or contact the West Baton Rouge Historical Association (located at the West Baton Rouge Museum) 225-336-2422.

For information on markers throughout Louisiana, see “Why Stop? A Guide to Louisiana’s Roadside Historical Markers” by Marael Johnson available at the West Baton Rouge Parish Library:
830 N Alexander
Port Allen, LA 70767
Phone: 225-342-7920