How Do I Create an Account


This page will show you how to set up a new account with CivicRec

Online Portal


  1. Click Login/Create Account on your homepageCreat an Account
  2. Creat an Account 2Fill in fieldsCreat an Account 3
    • Basics:
      • Account Type: Select Individual or Organization
      • Name: Enter First Name / Middle Name / Last Name / Other information (Jr, Sr, etc)
      • Date of Birth, Age Group: Enter a birthday
      • Gender: Choose Male or Female
    • Contact Info:
      • Phone: Enter your phone number, label, and mobile carrier
      • Email Preferences: Click Add Email to add a primary email address and select notifications
      • Apply Contact Changes To Other Household Members: Check to enable
    • Address:
      • Address Line 1 / 2: Enter street information
      • Zip, City, State: Add additional location information
      • Residency Override: Choose between three options:
        • User's Address Determines Residency: Default choice
        • Force User as Resident: Indicate the user as a resident, regardless of their address
        • Force User as Non-Resident: Indicate the user as a non-resident, regardless of their address
    • Account Settings:
      • Primary Email: Add a primary email
      • Username: Leaving blank will use email
      • Password: Create a password for your account.
        • Note: Passwords must be at least 8 characters long and contain characters from at least 3 of the following 4 categories: lower case letters, upper case letters, numbers, special characters
  3. Navigate to Other Account Members to add new associated account members
  4. Click Add Account Member

  5. Enter their information:Creat an Account 4
    • First/Last/Gender: Add first and last name and indicate their gender
    • Birthday/Age Group/Grade: Indicate their birthday, age group, and/or grade
  6. Click Add Account Member again to create another account memberCreat an Account 5
  7. Click Save New User

Online Portal