Fine Schedule

Traffic Violations & Speeding Fines

We accept only money orders, no cash or personal checks. You may also choose to pay online. If you choose to mail your ticket and money order, mail them to:
West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Department
Attn: Traffic Fines
P.O. Box 129
Port Allen, LA 70767

For more information about traffic violations, view our Statute Listing (PDF).

Determining Your Speeding Fine

It is a simple process to determine your speeding fine. Simply look at our Speeding Fines Schedule (PDF) and find the speed zone that you were ticketed in, for example, if you were going 60 miles per hour in a 45 mile per hour zone you would look through the chart and find "60/45". The first number is the speed you were traveling and the second number is the speed zone you were in at the time of the ticket. The amount of the fine appears next in dollar amount.

If you have any questions contact Liz Plauche 225-389-2312.