Subdivision Development Information

Lot Size Requirements

  • Residential: The lot size on rural lots (not in a recognized subdivision) must meet the parish's minimum requirements of 22,500 square feet of area per residence, with a minimum road frontage of 125 feet. Any requests for variances must be submitted to the parish council for consideration.
  • Commercial:
    • The lot size on rural lots (not in a recognized subdivision) must meet the parish's minimum lot requirements of 22,500 square feet.
    • Minimum floor elevation requirements (for residential structures, including mobile homes, and commercial/industrial structures)
  • Section 5 1/2 - 18 (a): the minimum floor elevation on buildings shall be twelve inches above the adjacent road unless the adjacent road/highway is "built-up” in which case the floor elevations will be twenty-four inches above the average elevation of surrounding land within three hundred feet of the building itself.
  • Section 5 1/2 - 45 (1) (a): new construction and substantial improvement of any residential or commercial/industrial structure located in a special flood hazard area (zone A, AE, and A1-A30) shall have the lowest floor elevated to at least one foot above the one-hundred-year base flood elevation (BFE) or one foot above the adjacent roadway.
  • Section 5 1/2 - 45 (1) (b): a registered professional engineer, architect or land surveyor shall submit a certification (elevation certificate) to the floodplain administrator that the standard is satisfied.
  • Section 5 1/2 - 45 (4) (b): manufactured homes shall be elevated on a permanent foundation such that the lowest floor of the manufactured home is elevated to eighteen inches or more above the base flood elevation and be securely anchored to resist flotation, collapse and lateral movement.