New Residential Home Construction Checklist

West Baton Rouge Parish Government
Office Of Community Planning and Development (OCPD)
Initial Application Requirements For Residential Building Permits

For new homes, addition to existing homes, renovations, accessory construction, etc.

The following items (if applicable) must be submitted to the West Baton Rouge Office of Community Planning and Development (OCPD) before a building permit can be issued. It will take approximately two days after all required documents are received for the permitting process to be completed. Fees will be collected when permit is issued.

  • Complete a building permit application form - Obtained from the West Baton Rouge Parish OCPD.
  • Address of property - Obtained from the 911 Office 225-346-1590.
  • Sewer approval - Obtained from the West Baton Rouge Parish Health Unit 225-342-2650 or approval of connection to public sewer from the West Baton Rouge Utilities Department 225-336-2406.
  • Name and Registration/License number of contractor - Contractor must be licensed with the State of Louisiana and registered with West Baton Rouge Parish.
  • Homeowner/Builder affidavit - If self-contracting

Contractor must apply for permit unless owner is acting as contractor. In this case, the owner will be required to sign an affidavit stating that he/she is acting as contractor, as required by the State of Louisiana Contractor Licensing Board and West Baton Rouge Parish.

  • Sub contractor list: p / e / m permits to be pulled separate from building permit.
    • Plumbing contractor
    • Electrical contractor
    • Mechanical contractor
  • Copy of house plans for review - To be retained by the West Baton Rouge OCPD.
  • Plan review acknowledgement signed - Obtained from the West Baton Rouge OCPD.
  • Approved plat of property - Signed by the parish president and chairman of the West Baton Rouge Parish Planning and Zoning Commission.
  • Plot plan - Showing location of structure(s) and distances from property lines (placement setbacks shall adhere to parish ordinance).
    • For this project, zoning district is
    • Therefore, setbacks are (Please note servitude must be considered when determining setbacks)
      • Front
      • Sides
      • Rear
  • Engineer’s elevation certificate - Only if property is in Flood Zone A. This includes a Reference Level Certificate based on "construction drawings,” valid during the course of construction, and a Post Construction Certificate when construction is complete. Note: final approval will be withheld until the Post Construction Certificate is submitted.
  • Letter from landowner - If permit applicant is not the owner, a letter from the landowner must be provided stating approval of placement of structure on property.
  • Minor subdivision affidavit - If applicable, provided by the West Baton Rouge Parish OCPD. 2 copies notarized and recorded in the Clerk of Court’s Office, one for permit file and one for subdivision file.